Amelia Mazis: I am more than my body.

amelia“A mother, Kim Hall, made a blog post last week, attacking young girls on Facebook for sexualizing themselves where her sons could see it.

The article, named “FYI (if you’re a teenage girl)” discusses how girls are posting pictures that Kim deems inappropriate, and talks about how they are over-sexualising themselves.

In her post, she claimed that once a boy has seen a girl ”in a state of undress”, they cannot unsee it.

That that girl then becomes nothing more than a body in the boy’s mind.

She threatened to block those girls, and made it clear that their posts would be unwelcome in her family’s household.

She acted as though all the blame was on the girls, although her blog post is teaching boys that women cannot be beautiful and smart at the same time.

I say shame on you Mrs. Hall.

You should not be teaching your boys that women are only to be judged on their bodies, and the things that they choose to do with them.

You should be reminding your children, including your eight year old daughter, that you can be a successful woman, while still looking hot as shit.

You should not be telling them that because a girl posted a picture of herself pouting, that she is then worth less than she was before she posted the photo.

Body image amongst youth is a serious issue, and you telling girls they cannot be proud of their bodies is just adding to that.

You should be letting your daughter know that you aren’t automatically a bad person, just because you think your stomach looks nice and decide to upload a picture of it on the internet.

In an age where people document everything online, you can’t stop people from posting pictures after they shower, or uploading pictures of their cats, or sharing a badly filtered photo of their coffee.

They have the right of freedom to post whatever they like.

A few days ago, I made a post about politics. The next day I posted a picture of my legs.

I guess I won’t be having dinner at the Hall’s household anytime soon.”